Auctions are a quick and efficient way to put your memorabilia in front of a targeted audience, and obtain the best price for your collectibles. Better than an auction, we will be hosting a “Grail Grab” event Friday Night, featuring items from the mundane to the one-of a kind.  Hosting this event will be Diecast Historian, Joseph Wiggins, a noted on-line auctioneer, specializing in die-cast collectibles. 

Our “Grail Grab” event will display more first-time offerings than anyone else in the industry because our offerings are coveted holdings from more than 20 years of industry relationships, some of whom are willing to part with their valuable pre-production, prototype, and rare collectibles.  The memorabilia that will be offered for purchase will be submitted from collectors present at the show – so you can ask questions and review the merchandise before making any offers.

Friday August 2nd 2019 Grail Grab Schedule:

(4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M)  Grail Grab private submission will take place in the main Ball Room during the show at the Grail Grab information table.   You can sit with Auctioneer Joseph Wiggins to discuss item values and enter your personal pieces into the Grail Grab event.

Saturday August 3rd 2019 Grail Grab Schedule:

(9:00 P.M.) – Live “Grail Grab” event product viewing In Govenor’s A/B in the hotel immediately following the diner event.

(9:30 P.M.) – Live “Grail Grab”  begins in Governor’s A/B in the hotel.


*** If event host Joseph Wiggins accepts a private item into the “Grail Grab” event with an agreed upon set reserve price the seller is responsible for a $20.00 entry fee or 10% of the sale price, which ever is higher. For items without a set reserve amount, a $10.00 flat rate fee will be assessed no matter what the sale price is. 

All taxes are the responsibility of buyers and sellers