Sean Taylor

Vice President of Product Development, Sean Taylor, is the man behind the scenes at M2 Machines.  He researches, designs and develops every casting and every vehicle variation offered from Castline.  A Southern California native with an auto mechanic for a dad, Sean grew up around the automotive industry, from building model kits as a kid to spending his weekends at car shows. Today, Sean is the definition of a true gear head.  Sean's wealth of existing automotive knowledge and his pure interest to study and learn about the automotive culture coupled with his outstanding artistic abilities, enables him to deliver diecast models replicating exact option packages as they were delivered decades ago. He has been in the diecast field for almost fifteen years and makes a point of immersing himself in the hobby, befriending and listening to collectors. He could talk about cars all day long.

Tony Karamitsos

Tony Karamitsos - The senior designer and brand manager for Round2, a leading company in the diecast and model enthusiast portfolio, is the Michelangelo of the model kit, and diecast business. His meticulous concern to detail and accuracy makes him a leader in the model industry. He has well established his place in the hobby and collectors business, showcasing an ability to work both in diversified scales, and  subject matter. Whether its Johnny Lightning, Auto World, Racing Champions, slot car replicas, resin models or model kits,  Tony has delivered a product that can only appreciate in value, making many of Round2 scale models sought after by collectors not just in the United States, but on the International marketplace too.

Mike Zarnock

Michael Zarnock, is an American author and columnist, who writes collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Accessories.  Michael's knowledge and his massive Hot Wheels collection has earned him notoriety around the world. Whether it’s because of the 14 books, numerous chapters in other books and hundreds of magazine articles that he has written about Hot Wheels toy cars and Accessories since 2002 or just the sheer magnitude and diversity of his die cast vehicle collection, this extensive knowledge has earned him the label: "One of the world’s leading Hot Wheels authorities."  More about Michael Zarnock

Chris Walker

Chris Walker “Night Stalker” burst onto the die-cast car scene customizing cars for competition. After winning multiple awards, he focused his attention towards high-end custom pieces for celebrities and famous designers with his work appearing in the Hot Wheels exhibit in the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA. It was then that he started doing freelance work for a few die-cast car companies doing packaging, graphics, and event cars for US and International Conventions. Chris was inducted into the Diecast Hall Of Fame in 2009, and even started his own diecast car company “Alien Projects” that same year. Lately he has written a few successful books on Hot Wheels and is still going strong.

Mark Pingitore

Mark Pingitore is an illustrator/animator who created the artwork for over 100 Garbage Pail Kids card fronts, as well as concept work, sketch cards, and paintings for various other trading card series. More recently, he has gone off on his own releasing independent series inspired by 80's pop culture, including Disasters of the Universe, Horrorible Kids, G.I. Jokes, and Mutagen Canister Kids.

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